Rhode island Tick & Mosquito control

Ticks and mosquitoes not only impede enjoyment of your outdoor space, but they pose a major health risk to people and pets. Our region has been called a “hotspot” for tick- and mosquito-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, West Nile Virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), among many others. Each year more and more reports of these illnesses flood the news, prompting homeowners to seek safe and efficient protection from tick and mosquito bites.

Rhode Island tick and mosquito control requires experience, safety, and the right equipment. Here’s why homeowners all over the state trust Rhode Island Pest Management to treat their properties:

· Knowledge, experience, and dedication: RIPM is a certified specialist in tick and mosquito control

· Environmentally sensitive: Low-impact and organic treatment options

· Leading equipment: Hydraulic sprayers that blast away breeding grounds

· Regular, dependable plans: Monthly treatment plans customized to your property

· Safety: Treatments around the perimeter of your property, eliminating the need to treat your lawn where children and pets play

We take tick and mosquito control seriously.

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Rhode Island Pest Management is New England's #1 choice for tick and mosquito control. With nearly 100 years of experience our team of pest management professionals is equipped with the latest in technology, quality, innovation and care. 

Rhode Island Pest management has been Protecting Your Pad Since 1929.