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The very word “bed bug” is enough to make your skin crawl, and for good reason: these bloodsucking critters hide in beds and only come out at night to prey on their unsuspecting human hosts. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can get them, regardless of sanitation or personal grooming, making Rhode Island bed bug control a vital service.

Bed bugs can crawl into luggage, purses, backpacks, computer bags, and other personal belongings to make their way to the next destination. Contact can be made in hotels, hospitals, schools, and homes of friends or family, on public transportation, in theater seats or airports. Once they enter your home, their numbers can rapidly increase. It only takes one pregnant female to lay hundreds of eggs, and before you can say “don’t let the bed bugs bite”, you could have a full-blown infestation of hundreds of bed bugs in various life stages.

A bed bug infestation poses health risks like allergic reaction or secondary infection of bites, and can also cause emotional and psychological distress. Anxiety, paranoia, and insomnia can continue even after successful treatment and eradication. It simply is not worth ignoring the first signs.

Rhode Island Pest Management has nearly a century of experience in identifying and eliminating bed bugs in New England. Why have residential and commercial clients alike turned to us for decades? Simply put, our approach extends beyond solely relying on products. Multiple treatment options and bed bug monitoring offer solutions and control while customer education helps avoid re-infestation. 

Prep guides explain what can be done ahead of time to be ready for treatment. Electronic documentation provides 24/7 access to inspection reports, technician recommendations, and product information. Continuing education for staff members keeps us at the forefront of the latest technologies. We go above and beyond to rid you of bed bugs and give you peace of mind.

Because bed bugs reproduce very quickly, elimination of all stages of the bed bug life cycle is critical. Rhode Island Pest offers thermal remediation, or heat treatments, to achieve this. In certain cases, a conventional residual treatment is necessary, sometimes in conjunction with thermal remediation. It is never a good idea to self-treat, as bed bugs are resistant to many over-the-counter products on the market. Our experts will make the most appropriate recommendation for your unique situation.

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Rhode Island Pest Management is New England's #1 choice for bee control. With nearly 100 years of experience our team of pest management professionals is equipped with the latest in technology, quality, innovation and care. 

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