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One of the most frustrating and overwhelming pest issues for homeowners is a rodent infestation. Rodents can carry a number of diseases including Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, Rat-Bite Fever, and Salmonella, among others. Accumulation of rodent feces spreads bacteria and can trigger allergic reactions and breathing problems. In addition to health risks, rodents also threaten property, their constant chewing tearing up cardboard, wood, baseboards, and electrical wiring. An abundance of droppings and nesting material effectively destroys insulation. They reproduce quickly, allowing a small issue to become a major infestation in little time. Simply put, Rhode Island rodent control requires early intervention with swift professional action.

So what can you expect from Rhode Island Pest Management when you have a mouse or rat infestation? Our highly trained Pest Management Professionals operate with a three-point approach to identify key factors.

1. INSPECT: Thorough inspection for evidence of activity, harborage areas, or structural problems that may be contributing to a rodent issue.

2. DETECT: Once evidence is found, a treatment plan is customized to your home for the most effective and long-term results.

3. CORRECT:While complete elimination may not happen overnight, we move quickly to address any and all concerns noted during the inspection process. This may involve a combination of exclusionary devices, baiting products, and/or mechanical devices.

We focus on long-term results through our Pad Protection Plans, providing our customers peace of mind with year-round relief from rodent invasions.

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Rhode Island Pest Management is New England's #1 choice for rodent control. With nearly 100 years of experience our team of pest management professionals is equipped with the latest in technology, quality, innovation and care. 

Rhode Island Pest management has been Protecting Your Pad Since 1929.