Protecting Your Pad Since 1929

Since our company was founded in 1929, pest control techniques in New England have come a long way from using the same harsh chemical to treat for all insects. Like most sciences, pest management is constantly developing, and at Rhode Island Pest Management, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of industry standards.

Our company eliminates and controls pest infestations by using the latest technologies and taking advantage of natural pest biology and behavior, delivering consistent results. That’s why the Rhode Island Pest Management Team is considered the best in Rhode Island pest control.

Although much has changed since Lester Walsh founded our company nearly 100 years ago, one thing never will: our commitment. We strive to continue providing our clients with the same personalized, exceptional service that has always been our standard in delivering the best Rhode Island pest control.

Our company invests in the latest training methods, ongoing education, and up-and-coming pest control technology. Our dedication, innovation, enthusiasm, and professionalism have earned us QualityPro certification, the highest distinction in the pest control industry. This is just one of the reasons our clients depend on Rhode Island Pest to Protect their Pads.

Here’s a small sample of reasons why our customers trust us:

· Our Pest Management Professionals are graduates of Purdue University School of Urban and Industrial Entomology

· Training standards exceed minimum standards set by the Department of Agriculture

· State-of-the-art technologies relieve and prevent pest pressure quickly and effectively

· Low environmental impact, using Integrated Pest Management methods

· 24/7 online access and electronic documentation keep you informed

· Client-focused, professional approach from all of the Rhode Island Pest team, from field technicians to management to customer service staff

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