Rhode Island Ant Control

One of the most frustrating pests to control

Is there anything more frustrating than sharing your living or cooking space with ants? Perhaps the only thing more frustrating is attempting to eliminate them. Some species of these unwelcome guests can damage property, which is why Rhode Island ant control is critical. 

New England’s fickle weather patterns can provide the perfect environment for increased ant activity. While you may have tried any number of solutions on your own, Rhode Island Pest Management’s team has the technical know-how, problem solving skills, and leading products needed to give you back control of your home.

What kind of ants are these?

The United States is home to over 1,000 species of ants, but here in Rhode Island the most likely to bug you are the carpenter ant, odorous house ant, and pavement ant. Each have unique physical characteristics and behaviors, and while often little more than a nuisance, carpenter ants certainly pose a threat. These ants are relatively small but undoubtedly mighty, capable of compromising the structural integrity of buildings.

Why me? Why my house?

Like humans, ants have three basic needs for survival: Food, water, and shelter. It can be helpful to think like an ant—is your home an attractive shelter for a colony? Will they find easy food sources in your kitchen, or moisture in and around your home? Once you understand what might be drawing a colony, it’s time for corrective measures.

Do these ants pose a threat to me or my family?

For the most part, ants in Rhode Island are little more than an annoyance. They are considered “nuisance pests”: they are not highly poisonous, not necessarily aggressive, and thus are generally not dangerous to people or pets. However, as mentioned previously, carpenter ants are a threat to structures, building their nests inside wood. An unsafe structure can most certainly be a danger to humans.

I’ve tried absolutely everything with no results. How do you get rid of them?

In many cases, clients tell us they have been trying to take care of an ant problem with store-bought products or homemade remedies, to no avail. The tricky part of self-treating is that the ants you see are merely an indication of a larger problem. The ants you see are likely foraging to bring food back to a colony that is located somewhere you cannot see. Treating with over-the-counter products or homemade powders and sprays may kill the visible ants, but will not affect the remaining colony and may in fact encourage them to move to another location in your home.

Our specialists are well-versed in using Integrated Pest Management to treat with the appropriate residual products or gel baits to eradicate an ant infestation. By combining traditional applications with organic and environmental controls, we can eliminate ant colonies plaguing your home. Remember that safety is always our top priority, and IPM limits the need for chemical treatments. When situations necessitate, our pest professionals may opt for a low-impact product such as a gel bait.

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