Rhode Island Insulation Cleanouts

Often, we tend to think there’s nothing wrong with the air we breathe as long as there is no unpleasant odor. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. All manner of pests—mice and rats, even wildlife like chipmunks, squirrels, and bats-- love attics and crawlspaces, particularly fiberglass insulation. These pests will tear this material to use for nests, but even worse, they leave behind lots of droppings, which can spread bacteria and dramatically impact the air quality in our homes.

But never fear! Rhode Island Pest Management has a professional team dedicated to indoor air quality, experienced in inspecting attics and crawlspaces to find the cause of the problem. Our crew is highly qualified to complete full insulation restoration and cleanouts, removing contaminated insulation, sanitizing affected areas, and reinstalling new insulation material, thus reducing the likelihood of re-infestation and improving air quality inside your home.

Start breathing easier. 

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Rhode Island Pest Management is New England's #1 choice for insulation cleanouts. With nearly 100 years of experience our team of pest management professionals is equipped with the latest in technology, quality, innovation and care. 

Rhode Island Pest management has been Protecting Your Pad Since 1929.