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Pest Coverage includes

Ant Control


Is there anything more frustrating than sharing your living or cooking space with ants? Perhaps the only thing more frustrating is attempting to eliminate them. Some species of these unwelcome guests can damage property, which is why Rhode Island ant control is critical. 

While you may have tried any number of solutions on your own, Rhode Island Pest Control’s team has the technical skill and products needed to give you back control of your home. 

Termite Control Solutions


 Rhode Island Pest Control’s team is well-versed in termite control methods. We have nearly 100 years of experience, the technical know-how, and the equipment to eliminate even the most severe infestations. Two common options for eradicating termite colonies are conventional termiticide applications and the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. During your free inspection, our experts may recommend one or the other. No matter the method, rest assured that we are committed to protecting your pad from termites and we stand behind our work 100%.    

Tick & Mosquito Control


Effective tick and mosquito control requires safety, experience, and the right equipment. Rhode Island Pest Control is a certified specialist in tick and mosquito control. We offer low-impact and organic options, hydraulic sprayers that blast away breeding grounds, monthly treatment plans, and treatments around the perimeter of your property, eliminating the need to treat your lawn where children and pets play.  We take tick and mosquito control very seriously. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate. We look forward to Protecting Your Pad! 

Bed Bugs


 The team at Rhode Island Pest Control has nearly a century of experience and relies on the latest technology, resources, training, and treatment methods to control bed bugs. Inspection, identification, and appropriate treatment are all key aspects of eliminating bed bug infestations. Prevention goes beyond simple product choice: monitoring, documentation, and customer training combine to help avoid reintroduction.  If you suspect you may have a problem with bed bugs, call us today to schedule an inspection.  



 While it’s certainly not pleasant having spiders or their webs in your home, they may be cluing you in to an issue with a different pest. There are plenty of indoor pests that supply food sources for spiders, some of which you may never have noticed. If you’re having an ongoing issue with spiders, give Rhode Island Pest a call. We have the equipment to remove them and their webs from your home, and the knowledge to find an underlying cause that may have gone unnoticed.  

Rodent Control Solutions


Our Pest Management Professional will inspect for evidence of activity, harborage areas, and structural problems that may be contributing to a rodent issue. Once the evidence is detected, the treatment plan is customized to your home for the most effective and long-term results. While elimination may not happen overnight, we move quickly to address any and all concerns noted during the inspection process. This may entail exclusionary devices, baiting products, and/or mechanical devices. 

We also cover Bees, Cockroaches, Silverfish, and Hundreds of other pests!


Get ONE FREE tick & mosquito treatment with seasonal package


  •  200-gallon hydraulic sprayers create long lasting residual barrier  
  • Organic and environmentally-friendly treatments offered 
  • No need to treat the lawn. Focus is on surrounding brush and vegetation 
  • Treatments are applied every 4 weeks