Rhode Island Bee Control

Few things make one paranoid like a bees nest. The looming gray ball in the shrubs, the loud and frantic buzzing around the roofline of the house, the foreboding feeling that at any moment, the stings will come. The presence of a nest can mean a number of threats including major health risks to you, children, and even pets, as well as property damage. That’s why we are a leader in Rhode Island bee control.

The term “stinging insects” encompasses a wide range of pests including hornets, wasps, carpenter bees, yellow jackets, and cicada killers. Many of these pests plague homeowners by building nests capable of damaging structures, and stings can cause severe allergic reactions.

Bees may like your property for many reasons. Water sources like pools, ponds, and even bird baths make a yard particularly attractive. Sugary items in trash cans or recycling bins also draw bees—keeping these areas clean and containers tightly closed may help reduce activity.

It can be difficult to tell these pests apart without a professional eye. If you do not know what type of stinging insect you have, it is never recommended to self-treat. That’s why Rhode Island Pest Management bee specialists are trained to properly identify and safely eradicate these pests.

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Rhode Island Pest Management is New England's #1 choice for bee control. With nearly 100 years of experience our team of pest management professionals is equipped with the latest in technology, quality, innovation and care. 

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